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"D’you know — I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, ‘cause you lot never listen. You are important.” The Doctor repeated the words with great patience, offering his guest a smile that barely tugged at his lips, though his urgency increased as he spoke: “Never gonna be another one of you. Not once, in the whole wide universe — just the one. Look — I’m a Timelord. I’ve seen people and planets and families and clusters of stars burn, and wither, and die. Beautiful things come to an end, but listen to me— listen to me! Every part of that, up until you were created, every part of the Universe was taking one round-about trip to creating you. Without one of those events, you might never have happened; entire Earth might never’ve existed, your mum and dad would never’ve met.  You are random, and different, and every atom in your body is unique, and you’re amazing.

And the Doctor believed that with both his hearts, eyes gleaming. There wasn’t a single unimportant person out there. He saved them all for a reason, after all. “And you know— humans, you lot, you always do what’s worst for you. And listen, really do, because I’ve lived long enough to know: you do deserve something more. Not a fun life, if you’re not happy, now is it? Bit of a waste, after the Universe spent so long making you. Thing is, about humans, any one of you can be the best. You can be the best of the human race and you are already the best one of you. The best and the greatest and the only. You are a random event nobody thought would exist and there are people around you just as random, just as strange and fantastic and brilliant, and that’s the same with everything. The Universe shouldn’t exist, and here we are, and there is so much — so much of it left to see.”

He sat back, pausing only to take a deep breath so he could replace the air stolen from his lungs as he spoke. “Everything around you is beautiful. And there is always something to live for, always, because the Universe is massive and there will always be a place for you. And look at me — look at me. You deserve to take up space. You deserve to be here. You are fantastic, and entirely unique in the universe. 

And d’you know what? 
I believe in you. 

I believe in you, my brilliant human friend. 

So maybe it’s time to start believing in yourself.”

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